Friday, 26 August 2016

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dmc uk dj flyer
New Talent: DMC UK DJ Championship 2010
A lacklustre attempt at upholding one of the four elements of true hip-hop at this year's renowned DJ bash, held at Islington's O2 Academy on 15th July.
Morning Parade
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Morning Parade
It's not often a new band comes along that really kicks you in the shins and demands your attention.
WIN: Signed Caspa goodies
To celebrate the release of Caspa's new My Style EP, we're giving two lucky readers the chance to win a signed poster and a selection of Caspa, Dub Police and Sub Soldiers stickers and badges!
Wickerman Festival 2010
WIN: Wickerman Festival Tickets
Get your hands on one of the final pairs of tickets for one of the most scorching Scottish festival of the summer.
Glastonbury 2010: What have we learnt?
Now the dust has settled and we've had a bath it's time to look back and reflect on 10 things we didn't know about Glastonbury Festival this time last week.
Michael Eavis
Glastonbury Festival: Peace, Love and Conflict
We examine Glastonbury Festival's biggest threats of survival in its mammoth 40 year history.
Glastonbury - Ageing Dinosaur or Sage Dynamo?
One rather seasoned 'young' female takes an in-depth look at precisely where Glasto fits in the oft confusing international festival landscape.
Generic Music
The Rise and Fall of New Music
We've all heard the rhetoric of those who declare the decline of new music; but just how dead is this dodo, and who are the people that want to bang the last few nails into its coffin?
The Asps
Musical snakebite, anyone? Edinburgh's The Asps tip the scale
The hotly tipped Edinburgh quintet prove the city's music scene is still thriving, but just how big is the sting in their tail?
My Space Music Logo
'MySpace Music' launched in the UK
MySpace release a service, backed by top artists, that is set to rival that of Spotify and
Sony Ericsson Inspires Modern Day Four Seasons
Sony Ericsson show consumers they have what it takes to keep their head above water in the ever-competitive mobile phone market.
Oasis (Colour)
Goodbye Britpop: The Oasis Story
So, farewell then, Oasis. Britpop extraordinaires. Rock 'n' roll luminaries. Siblings at war. "Where were you while they were getting high?".
Arctic Monkeys
From the Start: The Arctic Monkeys Story
The DMG takes a look at the history and highs of one of the biggest British bands, and the first MySpace phenomenon, The Arctic Monkeys.
Generic Dancing
Background Music
'Music makes the world go round' - ever realised how true that is? Music affects us all every single day, whether we like it or not.
Music Industry
The industry's on the up, up, up!
Recent research provides evidence that the music industry - the live sector particularly - is on the rise.
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