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SOIF - Sadness Is a Bridge to Love (Soifmusic)

Society of Imaginary Friends Sadness Is a Bridge to Love is the debut album from eccentric and beautiful trio Society of Imaginary Friends. Comprised of Louise Kleboe on vocals, Alfie Thomas on accordion, and Chris Brierley on the violin, the three manage to create as full and as atmospheric a sound as an entire orchestra.

Although their sound has both indie and folk leanings, this neatly packaged archetype does not do them justice. More appropriately, they are something completely different and more indefinable. The band has a somewhat operatic quality about them. The floating eeriness of the violin slices though the silence of the tracks and is complimented perfectly by Kleboe's beautiful yet haunting vocals. While a resounding quirkiness in her voice is reminiscent of a young Kate Bush, there is also a genuine originality about it.

From the first bar of the opening song the listener is thrown into a fairytale-like soundscape shifting seamlessly between serene, mysterious, sinister, and ultimately dark themes. The third and arguably the best track 'For Those Online' pays homage to MySpace, which was instrumental in launching their career. Though lighter and less introspective than the rest of the album, this track had me enjoying both its wit and musical range.

Sadness Is A Bridge to Love is not an album you can just sit down and relax to. It requires more of the listener's time to appreciate the evocative lyrics and depth of creativity that are carefully sculpted throughout. While undeniably beautiful in places, the overall undertone of the album is unmistakably dark and sinister. Lyrics like: "Getting younger day by night/In the nursery of dark" cut though the beauty of the voice that delivers them to send shivers down the listener's spine. The songs are clearly evocative and maintain a brooding tension throughout.

Ultimately, this album is not for timid listeners who need something to put on in the background at a dinner party. It requires more time from the listener and is for those who sit down to listen to an album rather than those who listen to an album while they are sitting down.

Society of Imaginary Friends create a meditative, moody, evocative and most importantly wholly original sound. With its ethereal vocals and haunting undertones, Sadness is a Bridge to Love is a fantastic album that will leave you thinking about it long after you turn your mp3 player off.

Rating: 4/5

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SOIF - Sadness Is a Bridge to Love (Soifmusic)
Beautiful and dark shake hands on this debut album from eccentric trio, Society of Imaginary Friends.
Society of Imaginary Friends' official website
Society of Imaginary Friends on MySpace
Jake Morley in Herts writes...
Great review! Keep more of this kind of stuff coming.

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Published: 26/05/2008 at 18:34
Author: Keith Clark
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