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The Maccabees - Academy 2, Manchester (09/05/2009)

The Maccabees There was no doubt that the lads and lasses who got themselves ready to attend this gig were looking for a good time. The first chord of opening song 'No Kind Words' saw the launch of the first pint onto some unsuspecting fan and security staff then realised they'd have a real job on their hands to stop a stage invasions.

With the numerous acts of crowd-surfing swiftly dealt with, attention was back to the stage. Lead singer Orlando Weeks looks like an unlikely frontman, but the crowd lapped up his every word and even offered support to his unique dance moves throughout the set.

The Maccabees didn't stray from what they're used to; fast, frantic songs one after the other with the very minimum of banter in between. Aside from the odd obligatory "yes, Manchester" or "that was beautiful,  Manchester" comments from Weeks, the approach to churn out song after song went smoothly.

Favourites from debut album Colour It In, 'Precious Time' and 'X-Ray' provided the audience more opportunity to join in. Seriously, the crowd knew their lyrics and they're weren't afraid to prove it.

With items of clothing thrown into the air, it was little surprise that the majority of the crowd was made up of students looking for a dance. The more hardcore fans made themselves known with continuous pogoing throughout the set and there was an inordinate amount of twosomes seemingly on a first date. Contrary to popular belief, fans of The Maccabees cannot be pigeon-holed.

'Toothpaste Kisses' brought out the singer in everyone, although a comment of "this is from that advert" from one audience member suggested that even Weeks' first-class whistling was not enough to distract people from the power of television.

After a brief halt to wish their sound engineer a happy birthday, Weeks took up the accordion for 'Accordion Song' and then latest single 'Love You Better' brought about the umpteenth chance for the audience to show their lyrical prowess.

The Maccabees live are very similar to The Maccabees on record; tight and to the point. The only niggle at the back of the mind is that they're not very original. The setlist often strays into something you'd hear from other indie bands. However, their enthusiasm makes up for a lot of this and as it works, you can see why they're reluctant to fix it.

Rating: 3/5

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The Maccabees - Academy 2, Manchester (09/05/2009)
With fan loyalty that seemingly gets stronger every day, did The Maccabees deliver for their northern contingent?
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V in Manchester writes...
I was one of the unsuspecting fans that got hit with the beer. Gutted. Didn't stop me from dancing like an idiot throughout though. Nice review!

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Published: 10/05/2009 at 02:26
Author: Katy Ratican
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