Everything changes but you

Lisa Norman | Wednesday, 01 July 2009

Everything changes but you

I saw Take That at the Manchester cricket ground on Sunday night and it was amazing!!

With a crowd of 50,000 rocking the joint, it was an incredible atmosphere. The boys were on fine form with the stage set out like a big top. Cue a barrell load of amazing pyrotechnics and special effects throughout thw show. Support acts were Gary Go and The Script who were both fantastic warm up acts. The lead chappie from The Script looked a little choked as they received a standing ovation from the crowd after pretty much every track!

Take That performed all their old favourites including a medley featuring 'Promises' and 'Babe'. All the best tracks featured in the show, and with some fancy dress as clowns and a look at Jason's pants the fans were treated to a night of fun and circus acts. With a giant elephant walking through the crowd (some poor bloke hung upside down to make the tail) and a flaming lion on-screen during Relight My Fire, the offering was truly incredible.

It seems these boys can do no wrong - well not in my eyes. And despite some fellow in the crowd chanting for Robbie the night was good. We had the notable presence of both Ralf Little and Peter Kay up in the clubhouse, who interacted with the crowd and heightened the atmosphere even more.

Roll on the next tour is all I can say. Take That are Back for Good and Babe they definetely relit my fire!!!!