DMG Chart - July's Top Five

Olly Hunter | Thursday, 30 July 2009

DMG Chart - July's Top Five

The wonderful month that is July has been full of musical happenings, with festivals and gigs literally bombarding music fans in the UK. Aside from the brilliant performances we have been lucky enough to witness, there has also been some great music releases. From fifth to first, here is what we think are the top five song releases:

5. Green Day - 21 Guns

Being the second single off of their already successful album, 21 Guns is certainly worthy of following the chart smasher 'Know Your Enemy'. Green Day have dabbled in a bit of experimentation and changed up their creative template, the result is a slow but powerful rock song that is extremely catchy.

4. Dizzee Rascal - Holiday

Dizzee's career has taken him on an interesting path through music genres, and his current journey through house music is pleasing crowds in an unbelievably unpredictable fashion. Although he started as an underground grime MC, he has laid a tight flow over a synthed up Calvin Harris creation and brought crowds a very pleasing accompaniment for dance floors and sunbeds.

3. Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning

Although not quite the same flavour as fans have previously recieved from the Monkeys, this track is certain to turn heads all the same. Alex Turner has once again proved that he's rather good at writing songs, and despite the fact that the song isn't fast paced and made for the dance floor, it's still an absolute tune.

2. The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital

They said they would never make an album again, but for some reason they decided to go ahead and do so. 'Omen' and 'Warrior's Dance' were both fantastic releases, and the third single from Invaders Must Die hasn't failed to please. The craziness of the song has torn up festivals this summer, and it has more than enough potential to spark a similar reaction wherever it is played.

1. Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend

Although the track hasn't actually been released yet, Calvin Harris has still managed to successfully fill many a dance floor with this interesting addition to his discography. 'Ready For The Weekend' is an excellent tune for this summer - containing a brilliant mix of varied vocals, subtle bass, intriguingly catchy use of piano and a nice bit of synthesizer for good measure. After 'I'm Not Alone', this single brings even further high hopes for Calvin's upcoming album.