Ladies and gentlemen, it's Morning Parade

John Russell | Friday, 09 July 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Morning Parade

There are no fancy promo shots of Morning Parade, no pack-shots, and no hard-sell press releases.

But they're good. Very good, in fact; untainted by commercialism and stifling major record labels. They're just five lads from Essex making the music they love, their gear in a small venue but their hearts in a stadium bigger than Wembley.

Not that they're not pretty used to hitting the road - they've already played early supports with the likes of Feeder, Ash and Sheffield's Reverend and the Makers.

Their songs are packed with energetic synths and thumping bass lines. It falls the right side of more accessible indie rock. They're more XFM than Radio 1.

Check them out at Latitude, Truck, and the Underage festivals this summer. And be quick about it, because these guys won't be playing to small crowds for long. You won't be disappointed.

In the meantime, grab yourself a free download of to-be epic track Marble Attic, stick it on your iPod and help celebrate the fact that Morning Parade are already on their way to the top.