'MySpace Music' launched in the UK

Olly Hunter | Monday, 07 December 2009

'MySpace Music' launched in the UK

With the music industry rapidly changing in the way that it works, various companies have been presenting new concepts of music enjoyment with the hope of winning over an increasingly frugal market.

Thursday 3rd December saw MySpace launch their free web-based platform 'MySpace Music'. The service will provide users with unlimited free streaming, unlimited free playlisting, and the ability to download and personalise their music content.

MySpace Music is being supported by a vast range of leading UK and international acts, some of whom showed their support at the intimate concert the night before which kicked off the initial launch of the new service.

The concert was held at London's Heaven - the venue famous for being the home of G-A-Y events - and saw Kasabian take a break from their usual arena gigs with a uniquely intimate performance. Other acts on the night included Crystal Fighters, Delphic, and a DJ set from Kissy Sell Out, all adding their own exciting touch to the evening. It proved a unique representation of the range of music now available with ease for music fans.

The new service also promises to benefit artists via the MySpace Artist Dashboard. This new tool allows all acts registered on MySpace the ability to check out the demographic, social and activity data of their fans - essentially allowing them to interact with their fans in real-time.

And some huge acts are backing it, more so due to the way it benefits their earnings - the fact that MySpace have an online music license with the PRS, which represents 65,000 of the UK's songwriters, composers and music publishers, means that fans using the MySpace Music utility to listen to their favourite songs allows those responsible to earn royalties for their work.

Provided that the service becomes a popular method of music enjoyment, artists can have peace of mind that they will be earning money for their hard work, allowing them to carry on producing music for their fans.

For more information about the MySpace Music service, and to give it a try yourself, visit http://music.myspace.com.