Glastonbury Survival Guide: The Top 10

Simon English | Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Glastonbury Survival Guide: The Top 10

Matter not whether you're a complete festival virgin or a seasoned festival-goer, we'd bet good money that "Damn, I wish I'd remembered..." crosses most peoples' minds every darn year.

With that in mind, we've put together a top 10 list of items to stuff your backpack with this festival season. You never know, it might just save your life.

1. A tent (obviously)

Borrow, shop around, and don't bother going too posh - it's only going to get muddy (and people WILL trip over your guy ropes at night). If you spend your entire stay without getting a kick in the head from someone's drunken shoe, then you're doing well!

2. A good supply of earplugs

You'll need these in your tent if you hope to get any sleep over the weekend. They promise to guarantee you a much-needed lie-in. Plus they're an essential if you happen to find yourself wedged between a tower of speakers and a cheering crowd. And on that note: be careful where you park your tent!

3. Wellies

Even if it doesn't rain, toilets will overflow. And there's nothing worse for athletes foot and verrucas than someone's abandoned stomach contents in your shoe!

4. Plasters

For the blisters your wellies will give you. Better still, invest in some of that new fangled invisible plaster spray - it'll keep the dirt out and stop a nasty infection ruining your festival experience. Don't worry, though: first aid teams are situated all over the site, and they've got plenty of foot condiments for any eventuality.

5. Cash

There are cash points, but you'll need more than you imagine, as most things tend to be more expensive than Harrods. Don't store your cash in one place, either.

6. Suncream

We're promised a good summer, so slap it on and don't let sunburn ruin your festival.  

7.  Plastic Bottles (men only)

Because the communal toilets seem a long way away in the middle of the night. We have received reports of hungover females attempting this trick - let us tell you now, it's not pretty OR attractive.

8. Wet wipes

Because unless you stand in the rain, you probably won't be getting a shower. Dry shampoo's also a great option for anyone with longer hair.

9. Condoms

You never know who you might meet in the crowd.  

10. The random clothes you're too embarrassed to wear at home

Glasto is one of the few situations where you can get away with wearing anything without feeling like the equivalent of a social sore thumb. So pack that big hat, the pink sunglasses and get fashionably creative.