Chris Fox (SYNT/Flesh and Blood Robot)

Wayne Madden | Thursday, 25 November 2010

Chris Fox (SYNT/Flesh and Blood Robot)

I first met Fox in Glasgow at his band's performance with Misery Index. Little was I to know that this would be their only UK tour to date, and that contary to popular rumour, they would not be releasing a SYNT themed watch with a special edition of their album! I'm glad to say that I kept in fleeting contact, through the magic of Twitter, with Fox and he kindly agreed to speak with DMG about everything going on in his world.

First of all Chris thanks for speaking to me! How have you been?

Not too shabby. Weird to see someone calling me Chris haha.

Sorry it took so long to get an interview from me, I know we were trying to do this like a year ago. But I'm good. Thanks!

You have a new project on the go, can you tell us a bit about that?

Yeah for sure, some fine young gentlemen and I started up a band called Vultures about a year back. The music is real heavy. I enjoy it. Although we are currently starting back from scratch since we had a guitar player quit that was one of the lead writers. But it is going well.

I also just started up another band with a couple gentlemen from the band Know Lyfe and the original drummer of Flesh And Blood Robot. We are trying to do some experimental / less metal type stuff so far. Less chug more strum. It should be interesting, I'm looking forward to it.

How has the tattoo business been?

Not too bad at all, been making a decent living since the downfall of SYNT. Right now is the tattoo dead season but I'm getting by.

Confidentially in mind, what is the weirdest thing you can think someone has ever asked you to Tattoo on their body?

Yeah I mean, I generally think the weirder the idea, the cooler I can make the tattoo so I don't really know.

That shit is fun to do. And yes, there are some areas I'd rather not tattoo, it is part of the job. Money is money. Gotta buck up and deal with it.

What kind of music have you been listening to and writing these last few months, anyone in particular inspiring you as you write?

Well, Im a huge Poison The Well fan. Always have been, always will be. So I always have their discography in my rotation. The new Deftones is still amazing.

Hmm… what else, Aeon, Cannibal Corpse, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, The Hope Conspiracy, Cruel Hand, Converge, Trap Them, Graf Orlock, Most Precious Blood, Pantera, Coalesce, Botch, old Unearth, old Norma Jean, Beneath The Massacre… Just to name a few I suppose haha.

Only a few bands really inspire me to write lyrics. Bands like PTW, Minus The Bear, Glassjaw, Spitfire… I try not to listen to them while doing so though so I don't rewrite their songs haha.

Lot of people have been eager to know what's going on with your other band SYNT. Do you see a future for See You Next Tuesday?

You know, I'd love to say that we will get back together soon and start writing and playing shows but realistically if it does happen, I don't think it will happen for awhile.

Drew is still paying off the bands debt. Sold all our gear. Van got repossessed. I know a couple of us miss it a lot. Even just writing, but we can't even do that really.

I don't know, I was pretty sure a couple months ago that 2011 we would start doing something again but now I have no idea. I hope we can start writing again, but time will tell.

If it does happen again, it won't be as crazy as before. Not as much touring. More for ourselves than anything else.

You mentioned to us previously that you were writing a little, with SYNT in mind, while they were still on the road – you mentioned even some cover versions – do you think Ferret may release any of this material for you, considering you're still under contract?

Honestly I don't know what is going on with the whole Ferret thing since WMG took it over. As far as I know our contract is up. Might have had a 3rd album option but I'm not sure. Ferret has always been good to us, but it isn't the same people anymore.

And I've spoke the new head dude, Tim, and he is a solid dude for sure, but I honestly wouldn't mind rejoining Carl and the gang over at Goodfight or even going to Guy's label, Black Market Activities. I guess we will cross that bridge if we get to it.

I notice the SYNT domain is up for sale, the bands official website 'I Heart Cunt' is still vacant, I would have thought someone would have snapped up that gem the minute it became available?

Is that a question? Haha I know what you're saying.

Yeah I thought a porn site would pick it up or something. Ferret owned the website so they just let it go I assume.

Looking back at the last album from that band, Intervals, are you still as happy with it in hindsight?

Fuck yes I am! I still listen to it and I still love it.

I still miss playing all those songs. Well… except "Forever on Deaf Ears". That song was meant to be an instrumental and I got talked into putting vocals to it. Was never really too pumped on that song. But besides that, the direction we were heading was so awesome, I hope eventually we can pick it back up.

When you look back at the 'Flesh Blood and Robot' recordings, or videos on YouTube and the like, what are your fondest memories of that time?

Man that was the time of my life. Some of the super old shit is embarrassing.

I watched the FABR dvd not to long ago and wanted to shoot myself for what I was wearing haha, but it was a lot of fun. All the DIY touring. That was an exciting time, back before labels signed every shitty band they could find. Back before you got signed based off plays on Myspace haha. You actually had to work to get noticed.

Man, this scene took a real shit. It is so depressing. But the FABR days were probably the best time of my life so far. On and off the stage. I wish it was possible to do like a reunion show with those dudes and see all those old friends again.

Any plans for the future? Well, apart from your music of course!?

Im just working on my career as a tattooer. Going to hopefully start doing a ton of traveling doing guest spots and conventions. I have a website now, Check that shit out on the reg for updates! You can also add or follow me on twitter @tattoosbyfox

Thanks for speaking to us Fox….