Tom Rowse | Sunday, 12 April 2009


Having formed in 2006 and released EP Woodchuck in 2007, Go:Audio have once again hit the road in anticipation of their fourth single 'Drive To The City' and the release of debut album Made Up Stories to find themselves on their biggest headline tour so far. Upon arriving at the London leg of their tour, some of the band members made to to chat to the DMG about their year so far.

DMG: It's been a busy year for you guys - this is your second sell-out headlining tour this year. How does it feel to have come so far?

Zack: It's actually our third tour so far, second this year.
Andy: It's amazing, really amazing. It's all thanks to the fans giving so much support.
Zack: We've played a lot of the venues on this tour with other bands in the past, so it's amazing to be back headlining them. We were here [The Electric Ballroom] last summer with Bowling for Soup, so it's quite strange to be back by ourselves.

DMG: You've supported the likes of McFly and Scouting for Girls during the year as well, how was that?

Andy: Pretty cool.
Zack: Yeah, very cool, I think it was probably the Scouting for Girls tour that got us the most fans, so that was a really great tour for us. They're coming along to watch the show tonight as well. It's nice they still support us and are coming down to watch us.

DMG: So what antics do you guys get up to on tour? Anything too bad?

Zack: Not much.
Andy: We're pretty boring.
Zack: We tend to sit around reading newspapers and playing computer games. I got a new app for my iPhone that makes a sound like a lightsaber. I plug it into the speakers to make it really loud. That's the sort of stuff we get up to!
Andy: We like to drink a bit, play some cards. It's funny because our crew think we're really strange. We ask if they want a drink and they're like 'what the hell?!' Bands aren't meant to care about the crew.

DMG: You also left your old record label and created your own this year. Was that a good decision in hindsight? Any regrets there?

Zack: Best thing we've done, really.
Andy: We left Sony last August and have done three sell out tours since. We weren't selling any tickets when we were with them so we set our own one up and everything's been going fine since.
Zack: It's busy, we have a lot more work to do. We have the band, then when tour's over we have to sit around organising everything.

DMG: What were your old label restricting? The music production side or was it the sales and advertisement?

Zack: I think the problem is the whole music industry at the moment in general is screwed. All the major labels like Sony are pressed to make as much money as possible. They have to balance putting huge amounts of money into a band with getting money back. There's no money in the singles unless they chart. We only reached 41 in the charts so...
Andy: It's an interesting time. Now we get to choose our own merchandise, we get a say in everything. It's nice not to be told what to do.

DMG: Would you advise young, or even old bands to break away from the major labels and form their own then?

Zack: It depends on what your situation is.
Andy: You get a bit more respect if you do it on your own.
Zack: the good thing about major labels is the contacts - and they do have the money behind them. It takes ten times the effort to get the same person to come down to your show if you're not with a major label.
Andy: We've still got a lot of our contacts from our old label though. That worked out well.

DMG: So aside from the politics of the music industry, how is the album making process going? I understand that you added another four songs to the album instead of releasing it?

Zack: Well, we've taken a song off and put three songs on.
Andy: [This Isn't] Hollywood's on it now, then we got rid of a song as well.

DMG: I got to review the album as it stood before being changed, and it seemed a shame to miss out on what additions have been made. Do you think changing it has added to the album in any way?

Andy: Definitely. There was one song which we didn't want on it and that we didn't want anyone to hear.
Zack: There was another song which we wrote years and years and years ago that we really liked, but the old label just didn't want it on - it wasn't going on full stop. We thought, it's our album and we should have what we want on it.
Andy: There was another they didn't put on at all, but now of course we have a say in everything on it.
Zack: We did all our own artwork for it too, so it's all our own stuff now.

DMG: So what are the plans for the rest of the year?

Zack: We've got T In The Park. Reading/Leeds, Download and Help the Heroes which we hope will be really good.
Andy: Then our fourth headline tour in October.
Zack: Shepherd's Bush Empire size shows. Really exciting.
Andy: Keeping everything flowing and staying busy.

DMG: So with so much going on, where do you see the band in ten years time, or five if it's easier?
Zack: Yeah, five! I hope we're doing massive shows, but still in contact with the fans we have now as that's what generates the sales. Hopefully be on the fourth album or something...
Andy: Still making the tunes!
Zack: Yeah, making the tunes.
Andy: We need to stretch it out as long as possible before we get too old.

DMG: Cool. So here's a few short quick-fire questions if that's okay?

Zack: Go for it!

DMG: Blink 182 or Green Day?

Both: Blink 182!

DMG: Boxers or briefs?

Zack: Boxers!
Andy: Hmmm - boxers, I think.

DMG: Chocolate or vanilla?

Both: Chocolate.

DMG: Wikipedia or real books?

Zack: Real books.
Andy: I guess real books because Wikipedia is full of lies.

DMG: I heard you're a ballerina on Wikipedia...

Andy: I like that one then! Yeah, Wikipedia!

DMG: And perhaps most importantly, yes or no?

Zack: Yes.
Andy: Always say yes.