Gwen Stacy

Clare Halls | Friday, 13 March 2009

Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy's vocalist Geoff and bassist Brent almost let a few things slip during an interview ahead of their Manchester show supporting 36 Crazyfists.

DMG: You’ve had quite a lot of line up changes recently. How has it affected the band?

Brent: Yeah, it has made the band better.

Geoff: Totally.

DMG: How?

Geoff: Because I'm here (lolz). No, but seriously it's been mostly positive changes for sure.

Brent: I'd say probably sounder of mind than previously with some past members. It's okay - you know, we love them all but some are harder to work with than others.

DMG: How was changing onto a label? Has it made things easier than releasing stuff on your own?

Brent: Not really. We still tour all the time and we’re never home. But actually it has helped get our name out among people and people in the industry. I met the singer of As I Lay Dying for the first time like last year and he was like "Yeah, I've heard of your band" and I was just like "Oh! That's awesome."

DMG: When is your new record coming out? Have you started writing it yet?

Brent: We have. We've been writing pretty much since January '08 so for over a year now and we're recording from mid May so hopefully it will be out some time around September-ish.

DMG: Do you know who you're going to be working with on it?

Brent: We're probably going to be... (stops after a head shake from TJ) We don't know?

TJ: We don't know yet.

DMG: Oh I see. Is it all under wraps?

TJ: Yeah, we haven't confirmed yet.

Brent: Well, I thought we had!

DMG: What message do you want to send out to listeners?

Brent: Come hang out!

Jeff: We just love heavy music and we're just trying to have a good time. And head bang. So if you like any of that, come hang out!

DMG: How are you finding the UK?

Geoff: It#s awesome. Very awesome.

Brent: Most people are nice. There have been some fairly rude people but most people are really cool.

DMG: And what about the shows you've played here so far?

Brent: They've been awesome. We're playing to a lot of new people and you can tell.

Geoff: Everybody is just down to have a good time. Everybody I see just wants to put their hands in the air and scream. It's awesome.

DMG: Who would you love to share the stage with?

Geoff: AC/DC. I'm not kidding.

Brent: I think it would be really cool to tour with Thrice.

DMG: Are you down to play any festivals this summer?

Brent: Yeah we're playing Cornerstone which is like a mini Woodstock kind of thing in Illinois, Bamboozled festival which is in New Jersey and Tomfest. For sure. Come hang out!