Wayne Madden | Tuesday, 03 August 2010


Born in 2009, Heights have played show after show up and down the country, touring whenever and where ever they can. It is the live environment where Heights thrive, throwing everything they have at every show, leaving nothing behind regardless of the situation.

The band recently completed work on their debut EP 'The Land, The Ocean, The Distance', combining the distinctive sounds of Hertfordshire hardcore with epic progressions to create an ambitious record that pays no heed to the usual restrictions of the hardcore scene.

Daily Music Guide caught up with them, backstage at Sonisphere UK in Knebworth, just prior to their appearance on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage.

So Who Are We Talking Too?
Dean: I'm Dean and I play Guitar.
Tom: I'm Tom and I'm on Vocals.
Andrew: I'm Andrew and I play Bass.

Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage. That's a competition right, what did you guys have to do to qualify and play here in Knebworth today?

Dean: We got through with the competition. We made a DIY video and put it on their website. And we were lucky enough to get a lot of support by our loyal fans and get through. Then we were lucky enough to get through with the support of the Judges to the next round. That's how it works really.

So how long have you guys been set up as a band?

Tom: We start touring 2009, when we start writing, but we weren't really known as a band until our EP came out in September. But we were touring around and playing....
Dean: Getting on to about a year now?
Tom: Yeah, yeah!

So how does it feel for you guys to be here at Knebworth?

Dean: Literally, a hell of a lot, we're literally from right round the corner.
Tom: We're from Hetfordshire
Dean: It means a lot to us to be here and to be performing at this festival, especially given the history and the locality, since we've all grown up here. It's a big thing around here. The calibre of the bands - it's really awesome.

30 minutes of a setlist. How do you decide what to perform?

Tom: I think just everything we can into our live set. We put a lot of energy and passion into our live set, I'd like to think?

Are you busy touring at the moment?

Dean: We're very busy. We're playing here, of course, and we're also playing Underage festival - tomorrow - as well as performing here, so that's an 11.20am start and then we come back here and perform another set. Next week we do a mini tour and then we're doing Hevy Festival as well. We're also recording a few tracks for our album and we're touring with Casino Brawl coming up.
Andrew: It's all go at the moment!
Dean: Yeah, it's all go, then we got a little break I think for recording our album - I guess - and then for the whole of November we're touring. It's hard work, but we can't complain, as it's what we like doing!

I see from your arms that you guys are festival fans, you've been to a fair few, by the look of wristbands you've collected?

Dean: Yeah, well these are mostly touring only this Summer, but this boy here...
Tom: Yeah, mine are from as far back 03 Reading, I've been going to Reading since 95.
Dean: It's interesting for us as a band to see the festival from the other side I guess, we've been doing so long as a band!

In terms of influences and inspiration, where does that come from?

Dean: In the early stages we were very influenced by bands like Devil Sold His Soul
Andrew: The three of us at the moment here like Brand New, but we have very varied tastes
Tom: Yeah, very varied

The EP was last September, what plans do you have?

Dean: We are Heights.com and we have the EP and you can check out the website there and have a listen and keep an eye on us.
Tom: And of course studio album March 2011
Dean: Album is early 2011, hopefully around March, depending.

Heights EP can be downloaded free on their website - visit them at weareheights.com now!