Karma To Burn: Daniel Davies

Wayne Madden | Tuesday, 03 August 2010

Karma To Burn: Daniel Davies

In June 2010, Year Long Disaster toured Europe with all three members of Karma To Burn as part of the band. The favour was returned on Karma To Burn's European summer tour, with Daniel Davies stepping in as an occasional guitarist (and, when needed, vocalist) for the band.

Karma To Burn then announced plans to record a swift follow-up to Appalachian Incantation with an album featuring several songs with vocals by Davies, to be released in 2011, further blurring the boundaries between it and Year Long Disaster.

The speculation as to whether Davies had joined the band was further added to by his inclusion in the strapline image on K2B's website

So, how have you been?

Daniel: We were stuck in traffic, just got here, now doing a bunch of interviews and finally been able to eat something today.

Late set tonight - do you normally start that late?

Daniel: I guess we would be headlining that stage, so, it would be a late start. Yeah, sometimes during the day; sometimes during the night.

What prompted the 2009 reunion of Karma To Burn?

Daniel: I don't know - I'm not really the person to be speaking to regarding this, you'd be better off talking to the other three guys, I'm more the newer member of the band where that's concerned. Them three. No, that's really good English. Three of them. They got back together, I did a song with them, it turned out really good - I did some more, played guitar, and the partnership just happened.

Traditionally Karma To Burn have been an instrumental act, what do you think an album with vocals will bring to the band and the music?

Daniel: Eh...well, they'll be different. Structures will be different. Songs will be different. But same direction, I'd like them to sound the same; we don't really think about that stuff - we just turn up and...we just get together we play, and if we like it, we record it - and we don't really think about it.

You've been pulling double duties with Year Long Disaster - how's that been going?

Daniel: It's a little tiring. But it seems to be going well. The songs are a lot different.

There's talk of a new album in 2011?

Daniel: Well, we're gonna write songs, see what happens. But I guess, yeah, 2011 could be a new album for us.

And future-wise any plans?

Daniel: I don't know. The rest of the year is pretty busy, so I'm focussing on that right now. If I ever get any time off to think about it then we'll see what happens.