Kissy Sell Out (Audio Interview)

Olly Hunter | Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Kissy Sell Out (Audio Interview)

It isn't hard to guess the fact that Kissy Sell Out must have a reasonably hectic lifestyle. He successfully manages to maintain a weekly DJ set on Radio One, whilst producing official remixes for major singles, whilst producing his own material and showcasing it with his band, and then somehow copes with performing DJ sets all over the world in order to satisfy fans.

Those whom have not heard of him can expect brightly composed electro, in both his remixes and his own productions, and his DJ sets are an interesting blend of an extremely vast range of genres.

After packing out two different arenas of Global Gathering, with a performance from his band and then a '90s-themed DJ set, Kissy Sell Out took some time to tell us a bit about his various projects, and how much fun he has getting his teeth into them.

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