Let's Tea Party

Charlie Ashcroft | Monday, 01 June 2009

Let's Tea Party

The heavens have well and truly opened in Brighton this evening, as Let's Tea Party are all too aware.

Having been let down by the British transport system, guitarist Rich got caught up in the south coast downpour en route to the band's gig at the tunnel-like Fortune of War venue.

"We were due onstage at 6:40," he says. "At that point I'd only just arrived at Brighton station because my train from London had been cancelled. I ran to the venue as fast as my little legs could take me, soaking wet in the kind of storm you get in one of those horror movies. I ended up playing in my work clothes, absolutely dripping."

Johnny, the band's drummer, admits to have had doubts over his mate's Brighton-bound journey from the very beginning. "Rich getting here by train was totally jinxed," he says. "He sent me a text when he was leaving, saying 'Remember that episode of Top Gear when Clarkson races in a car against public transport?' He was very confident."

Despite the problems in the build-up, witnesses will testify that LTP pulled a suitably energetic performance out of the bag for their first Great Escape appearance. However, it seems that the Fortune of War's interior was not totally protected from the elements either.

Johnny points to the stage and comments on its positional flaws: "Because it's really wet outside at the moment and there's that big window at the back of the stage, the room started filling up with water when we were playing. My ankles drowned. Being in a band is a high-pressure job! Very high-risk. It's up there with being a tree surgeon or an international agent."

The pressure and risks seem to have paid off though, with LTP's debut single, 'Hot Chip/Emmanuella', due for release on 8th June. Singer Sam offers up some short, but crucial, advice for anyone looking to order the single when it comes out. "Just remember, 'Emmanuelle' is a French porn film, 'Emmanuella' is a Let's Tea Party song."