Mickey Gang

Charlie Ashcroft | Friday, 02 October 2009

Mickey Gang

Hailing from the city of Colatina in Brazil, Mickey Gang have recently  started making a name for themselves in the UK, thanks to their hyperactive brand of Hives-esque, disco-ready rock 'n' roll. DMG grabbed a few words with Arthur from the band while they were gigging around the capital.

How have you been received at your series of London shows while you've been over in the UK?

It was really great. I wasn't expecting too much, you know, there are a thousand new bands around here everyday... but people were dancing and singing. We had a good time and can't wait to do a proper tour around the whole of the UK.

How does the reception here compare to the audience reaction you've been getting back home?

Brazilian people love to dance, but I can clearly see something similar between UK and Brazil. OK, maybe not that clear, but in my head it matches somehow. Both reactions were great. 

Were there any reasons in particular as to why you chose 'Horses Can't Dance' as a single to be released in the UK?

I think this song is a good introduction to us. It was the only one that had a proper recording. We used to record all our demos in my room with no plans to release.

Which bands and musicians, past or present, would you say have had the most obvious influence on you so far in your songwriting career?

I think Nirvana and Blur have influenced us so much, in terms of being in a band and in doing music. I'm also crazy about pop songwriters like Cathy Dennis and Max Martin. It may sound a bit odd, but I like the way these huge pop songs work - you sometimes don't even like the song but can't stop singing along to it for ages in your head.

How strong is the local music scene in Colatina?

There are a lot of Brazilian rhythms going around, and some afro-beat stuff at a lot of the parties. There are a few bands but most of them only do covers. It's a really small city, so it's hard to have any kind of pretension there.

Are there any other groups from the city who you think could also make a successful crossover to Europe?

I'm not sure. I don't know what's going on in my city to be honest. People don't support new music in Brazil too much, as very few places give you chances to play. It's hard to tell.

If anyone in the band could compare themselves to a legendary Brazilian footballer, which one would they choose?

For me it would be Canhoteiro. He was banned from the Brazilian team in the '58 World Cup because he was drunk all the time.

What do you have in store for the rest of the year?

We'll work on our debut album, hopefully tour the UK and taste all the European drinks we can.


Mickey Gang's single 'Horses Can't Dance' is out now, on 7" and download.