Misery Signals

Wayne Madden | Monday, 23 February 2009

Misery Signals

Misery Signals is a progressive metal core band formed in 2002 by the remnants of the bands 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Hamartia, and Compromise. Original vocalist Jesse Zaraska and founding guitarist Jeff Aust have since departed.

Despite these setbacks the band had a novel way of finding new vocalist Karl Schubach - they simply advertised the position via MySpace, and his demo stood out beyond the rest.

This shouldn’t affect your musical palettes, however, as Misery’s new album, Controller, is even better than the rest and proves they have a bright (or black) metal future ahead of them.

Give us a quick run-down of what’s been going on in your world since the release of Controller.

Well, we have been on the road pretty consistently since Controllers' release. We did a tour with Darkest Hour and Bring Me the Horizon in the USA, and Comeback Kid in Canada. And we also did the UK with Architects and wrapped up an Australian headline tour.

The third release is usually pretty important to bands, having had two albums to make their debut and then the second to help resolve mistakes and really find themselves. Are you proud of it?

I definitely agree with your statement. With Malice (our first album) we set the standard for our fans. We tried to experiment a bit with Mirrors (our second album) so it was important to really lock it down with Controller. I think it is our best written album; Devin Townsend really helped us achieve what we were going for with it.

Did you enjoy being back in the studio and recording?

I really love the studio. It's like when an artist has a clean canvas. You have a rough idea, a concept, and then you lay it out. The studio is great. It was really comfortable this time around with Devin. Recording is always a fun time for our band.

You seem to have become progressively heavier as you have developed, particularly since Of Malice… - was this a conscious decision or did it just happen as the band matured?

Misery Signals is a heavy band. I think we were more conscious of writing some songs that were more straight-up heavy and faster for Controller. We have always had elements that make a band "heavy"; I think we showcase them the most on controller.

You have played some pretty cool gigs with some well-known names (Norma Jean, Parkway Drive, Bleeding Through to name a few), which tour did you enjoy most?

I can confidently say Darkest Hour will always be our favourite band to tour with. We had a really good time with Architects on our last tour. Other favourites include Comeback Kid, Shai Hulud, The Ghost Inside and most recently our friends from Australia, The Amity Affliction.

What are your plans for any future live performances?

Well, we are currently in New Zealand. We will have most of March off then we are doing some South-East Asia dates and a European tour with Comeback Kid, Bane, Architects, and Outbreak. I am really excited.

Will you be coming back to the UK any time?

We recently wrapped up a tour in January in the UK with Architects. Chances are we will be back before the end of the year.

Ferret Music (the label Misery Signals are currently signed to) is a label with a good reputation among the genre of music you are creating. Has this opened up any new opportunities for you?

Working with Ferret has been a great relationship and they have definitely helped us along the way with great tour opportunities...

Who in the Hardcore genre do you think is doing well at the moment? Anyone we should be looking out for?

I would definitely keep your eyes and ears open for The Ghost Inside. I think Architects have really outdone themselves with their new album, Hollow Crown.

Whilst creating heavy music you often maintain a melodic edge. What influences lead you to this style? Who are your main inspirations?

We draw a lot of influence from older Cave In material, definitely Meshuggah, Tool, Metallica (old), Propagandhi, Dillinger Escape plan...the list goes on. Chances are if it rocks, we take influence from it.

Lastly, give some words of encouragement for those who may be yet to experience your music?

Wow, that's sort of a hard one to field! [laughs] Ummm...if you like metallic and melodic music, CHECK OUT OUR BAND!