Chris Fox (Vocalist, See You Next Tuesday)

Wayne Madden | Monday, 23 February 2009

Chris Fox (Vocalist, See You Next Tuesday)

See You Next Tuesday were formed in 2004 as the butt of a practical joke. It was only when people began showing up for their gigs that they started to take things more seriously...

From their first EP, 2005's This Was A Tragedy, to their latest Intervals album, the best thing about the band is they have never taken themselves – or their lyrical content – all that seriously. And it's paid off.

Line-up changes over the years have seen the band lose a guitarist, two bassists and a drummer. But what they haven't lost is the drive to keep making great metal music. Having just finished a co-headline tour of the UK it's obvious there are bigger and better things in the wings for this unusual and special act.

Now that your fan base has had a little time to digest Intervals, what has been the feedback you've received on this album? And what’s the strangest compliment you've had about it?

Well, the feedback is mixed. We have a lot of people that are upset that we didn't write Parasite Part Two. That isn't who we are anymore. What is the point in being in a band if you just keep writing the same shit over and over?

Take Poison The Well, for example: do any of their albums sound similar? No, they don't. Each time they progress more into shaping who they are, and that is what we are doing. On the other hand, though, we have had a lot of positive feedback from the press and we still have a lot of fans that have stood with us and think Intervals is a huge step forward.

In Europe, the physical version of the album itself is housed in a Jewel case, with simply a transparent sticker for the back cover containing the track listing. Was this design an intentional idea? If it was, where did the direction come from?

Yes, that is how it is packaged worldwide. We wanted to just do something different with the packaging. A couple other bands like The Chariot and As Cities Burn have done it also in the past and we thought it looked awesome. We had a lot of other ideas for the packaging but didn't have the budget to put those ideas into motion. We like to keep things interesting. The original idea behind doing something different was for the simple fact of getting your money's worth. It makes it just cool to have.

Sticking with Intervals, who had the idea of the limited edition vinyls, and why dedicate a version of the album to that format?

All of us are big fans of vinyl. And actually vinyl is making a huge comeback at the moment. We see it more as a collectors' item more then a music format. Like I said before, it's just cool to have. We actually did the same thing with Parasite, only that came in three different limited edition versions.

Your T-shirts have always contained striking designs and noticeable imagery. Do you produce this artwork personally or do you have a designer fan of the band who does it?

One thing we put a lot of effort into is the visual aspect of the band. We put a lot of time into making sure all our artwork is top notch. We are always brainstorming, looking for new artists, and looking for new, for lack of a better term, "cutting edge" ways to print merch. About 50% of all our artwork we trust in the hands of a gentlemen named Chad Lenjer from Discordant Art. He even did the layout for Intervals.

We have worked with him for over 4 years now and might as well consider him part of the band with how much he has contributed. Travis and I both do design work for bands also, so sometimes we ourselves get to show off our talents. And then for pretty much every tour, we find 2 or 3 new artists to design more stuff for us. We put so much time into all of the artwork; I don't know how we have time to write music sometimes.

You have a new drummer, Jake Dunhaime - how did that meeting happen and how has he been settling into the band?

Jake has brought a new positive outlook to the band. He has restored my faith in the band. He is one of the most outgoing and mentally positive people I have ever met. I'm really happy he is in the band. And he fucking rips. Jake was a friend of Travis and our merch dude, Kooter. We just started jamming with him and things clicked and we couldn't be any happier. Definitely yet another step forward for the band.

As brilliant as your album is, do you see yourselves recording any follow-up material in the near future, or will touring keep you busy in 2009?

We just actually started writing again. I personally am eager to write another album, but I don't think we will be able to get into the studio until late this year or early 2010. But we are starting to write new material right now.

How was the recent Euro/UK tour? Any funny stories from the road?

The recent tour definitely had a lot of ups and downs. The tour went through 4 buses (some broke down, some didn't have heat. We even had to rent vans for the tour for a couple days). Tons of money trouble. I personally went through a ton of health problems that affected my live performances, and the UK leg of the tour ended up having a couple shows cancelled due to weather conditions.

So obviously it had its low points. But on the other hand, we came home with a ton of new friends. We are already booking dates with Misery Index here in the States because we love those guys so much. We had a ton of fun partying as hard as possible. I don't think I've ever been to so many dance clubs in my life! A lot of those nights are a drunken haze, so I don't really have any great stories, but we had a blast regardless of all the trouble we had to go through.

Do you see yourself doing another UK leg in support of this album?

There have been talks about us coming back this winter with our friends in Despised Icon. However, right now it is just at the talking stage. We hope to come back sometime soon, but we need to take care of the US and a couple other parts of the world first.

You guys obviously suffered when your album leaked almost a month before its release online. Did you change anything about the album essentially or care that it had leaked?

Yeah, it took quite the toll on us. The first week sales were pretty low because of it. It's not like we didn't expect it to get leaked; everything leaks, but that far in advance was insane. We were actually on tour in Europe for the first time when we found out it leaked. One of the guys in Trigger The Bloodshed, who we were on tour with, said he found it online and we freaked out.

We still don't know how it leaked. But I don't think it really matters at this point. We didn't change anything really. It really messed up our game plan with our street team. We had a whole slew of things planned for them leading up to the day it was released, but that got fucked. But I guess you live and you learn. It is just yet another thing to add to our string of the bad luck we've had for almost a year-and-a-half.

The album was then slightly delayed by about 2 weeks - was there any particular reason for that?

I don't remember the exact reason. But I think it was due to floods that were happening to the area where the packaging company was. They had no power, so they couldn't complete the order. It was something like that. That also fucked us pretty hard.

I'm not sure if you are aware but there's been some acoustic covers done of material from your first album and Intervals - these have been posted online. What do you think when you hear stuff like this, should we see a SYNT unplugged album?

Haha, I regularly get on YouTube and watch all the stuff that kids make. Sometimes it's super funny. A few days ago a kid made a video for our song, 'In The Beginning'. And it was just him playing like Guitar Hero guitars and shit like that. I got a kick out of it. But with the acoustic stuff, I guess I kind of feel honoured that our songs mean so much to some of these people that they want to do their own versions of them.

I always wonder what they think my lyrics mean or what they mean to them. But at the same time I always wonder how people have so much free time on their hands! I don't think you'll see us doing any Unplugged albums anytime soon. I doubt MTV would even play our video if we had one.

Can I have a free Vinyl?

See! I told you they are cool to have! If we have any next time we are in the UK I'll see what I can do. Keep an ear open for new material soon too, and even cover songs! Buy me a beer and a kebab!!!