While She Sleeps

Wayne Madden | Tuesday, 03 August 2010

While She Sleeps

Sheffield melodic metallers While She Sleeps are aiming to hit a saturated underground market hard and fast. Their new album The North Stands for Nothing was released on July 26th 2010.

With a full length European Tour in August and September, write up's by all the major publications, and support slots to the Gallows - DMG just had to catch up with While She Sleeps and see what makes this band tick. The band performed on the Strongbow Tent Stage, at 2pm, on Saturday and made a quite an impact.

What does it mean for you guys to be playing at Sonisphere?

It means a lot. Have a real feel for it. It's nice to be invitied.

How did you guys get involved in this?

Well a bit of touring and our album just came out a week ago. We've been working as hard as we can to make people take notice and someone did, which we're very grateful for, so it's an excellent oppurtunity.

For people who have never heard you before, what kind of music do you play?

Hardcore take on Metal music. It's kind of straight down the line Metal music. We just play things that we like - and we hope other people will like as well - so we're a metal band through and through. We have got a Hardcore side as well and a heaviness.

When picking a setlist for a 30 minute festival, given the material behind you, how do you pick what songs to perform?

Yeah, I think we're just gonna play the album, that seems to be a good idea. Totally. We stick to what we know and we only have a little time and it's always good to just keep people interested and let them hear what you're about.

Influence wise - what kind of musical background do you hail from?

Too many to name. All of us are into extremely different styles of music and variety. I would say Devil Sold His Soul's new album is being played a lot at the moment. We take from everything - don't we? - and I think that it is reflected in our music. There's nothing that can pin this band down but at the same time we have a diverse musical inspiration.

If one of us hears a band that we like we normally play it to another member, and that leads to another one hearing it, and then before we know it we're listening to the same things and everyone is listening to that one band. So it saves on CD.

Any touring plans?

We've got a tour starting next Wednesday, or Thursday, and then we're going to be in the UK and Belgium and then we're going to be back on a full tour in November and after that we're going to be writing the album. We're going to be really busy doing that so you know it's a heavy schedule but we like what we do.

I'd like to start a new drink, a Blood drink perhaps, it could be called Blood Fluid.