Zutons frontman punished for breaking man's nose

Amanda Briggs | Thursday, 04 November 2010

Zutons frontman punished for breaking man's nose

Dave McCabe, the lead singer of the Zutons, will also have to compensate his victim. The 29-year-old headbutted Peter Appleby outside a nightclub in Liverpool in February.

McCabe, who wrote the hit song Valerie, let rip after one of Peter Appleby's friends mocked his girlfriend's fur-collared coat. They claimed it looked like she had a beard. He claimed he had acted in self-defence but was convicted of assault last month.
Dave has been given a community order saying he must do 150 hours unpaid work. He will also have to pay out £1,500 to his victim as compensation, as well as £3,500 in court costs.

Henry Gow McCabe's lawyer told the court that the singer regretted what had happened, saying, "it was an over-reaction from this otherwise very decent man". Gow went on to say: "There is no chance of him coming back before the courts."

Sentencing McCabe, Alan Conrad QC said that the Zuton's singer's fame had had no effect on his punishment. He said: "I am making it clear I am dealing with you in exactly the same way as anybody else."

McCabe has promised to pay the compensation within a week.