A Silent Film - The City That Sleeps (Xtra Mile)

Paul Bodman | Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A Silent Film - The City That Sleeps (Xtra Mile)

Set to be one of the most talked about bands of 2009, A Silent Film has already won lots of critical acclaim. The band's last single, 'You Will Leave A Mark' was number one in the Sunday Times Culture magazine's 'Hottest Downloads' chart, and a lot of hype has been built around this album.

The City That Sleeps is a truly breathtaking debut. For anyone who likes their music with a bit of intelligence, dealing with modern issues such as war and racial divides, whilst still maintaining a contemporary accessible sound, this album is a must.

There really is something for everyone here - from blissful soundscapes to anthemic lyric driven tracks. If you ever thought bands like Keane were too bland and samey, A Silent Film do a good service in showing that the uniqueness hasn't completely gone out of rock.

Opening track 'Sleeping Pills' was their debut single, and was a real showcase in what the band could do. It contains mesmerising instrumentals, thought-provoking lyrics plus lots of psychedelic guitars and an epic use of a glockenspiel.

From this moment on, the album just gets better. It's a fine metropolitan journey through life, and most importantly, one that is relevent to today's society. Standout tracks include new single 'Thirteen Times The Strength', a melodic piano driven track which should easily take the indie chart by storm, the inspiring and catchy 'You Will Leave A Mark' and 'Aurora', a classical piano piece that will calm you in an instant.

In fact, pianos play a huge part on this album, which will no doubt link the band to the likes of Keane and Arcade Fire, except here there's one difference. Having the intelligent sound, and the band's expectional talent to craft uniquely sentimental, relevent tracks mean this is a cut above the rest.

However, to get the most out of The City That Sleeps, it must be listened to actively, and like many other intelligent groups, it's probably a good idea to check them out live. They are bound to sound even better. 2009 will be a big test for A Silent Film, and if the public can take to such creativity, it will be a very good year for them indeed.

Rating: 5/5