Air France - Gothenburg Belongs To Me (Something In Construction)

Phillip Clark | Thursday, 17 September 2009

Air France - Gothenburg Belongs To Me (Something In Construction)

Since the release of the their highly acclaimed album, No Way Down, last year, Air France's popularity has soared so much that they've already secured a deal with XL Recordings for a new album.

'Gothenburg Belongs To Me' is the first single from the album entitled Love Affair In Three Parts, and the summer-sounding track comes just at the right time as those autumn blues set-in.

Joel and Henrik, the duo that make up Air France, continue what they are famous for: synth-heavy compositions that feature plenty of horns, scrawls and wails, plus a whole host of other sound-effect additions.

Light and echoing female vocals accompany this track, and whilst their removal would be a mistake, perhaps they could have been toned down slightly as it can interfere with the enjoyment of the music, which is what these guys are all about.

It doesn't seem to match the quality of some of the tracks in previous album, No Way Down, and it is slightly concerning to think that they might have rushed into this new project whilst still basking in their previous effort's success.

However, this does not detract from the face that 'Gothenburg Belongs To Me' is a good, fun-sounding tune that'll have you wishing the summer could stay just that little bit longer.

Rating: 3/5