Good Charlotte - Cardiology (Capitol)

Steph Cosway | Friday, 22 October 2010

Good Charlotte - Cardiology (Capitol)

Cardiology, the title of Good Charlotte's fifth studio album, is a simple title for a simple concept. Every song on this 'back to their roots' album is from the heart, about the heart and meant to touch the heart. A concept that Good Charlotte achieve more often than not on this surprisingly likeable pop record.

As promised by the band's infamous twin-frontmen, Benji and Joel Madden, in their Twitterings, Cardiology is a grown-up version of their debut self-titled album. The over-produced dance vibe of fourth studio album Good Morning Revival has, thankfully, been flung into the pop 'What Were They Thinking' bin to keep Britney's shaved locks and Tyra Bank's singing career company.

Listening to first single 'Like It's Her Birthday' you wouldn't be far off in likening it to past efforts 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl' and 'Dance Floor Anthem' – songs about what your pesky diva of a girlfriend is getting upto when you're not looking. The only difference being is that this time the lyrics are accompanied by the pop-punk tunings of The Young and the Hopeless, making it catchy, fun and more than a little good. Do you remember when this band used to be fun?

'Sex On The Radio' is another owed to earlier Good Charlotte. Not as strong as their single, Sex on the Radio falls victim to a little too many "oh oh oh, oh oh" type chorus fillers. But between these are sandwiched verses of sheer genius. Then you get the likes of 'Alive' which is just spectacular.

Second single 'Counting The Days' might not be innovative in the world of music, but who needs innovation when you can relive the music that made you smile when you were 16?

But that's not to say this album is all fun and no bone; 'Harlow's Song (Can't Dream Without You)' - a song about Joel Madden's daughter - will speak to anyone who has ever loved something. 'Cardiology' is a similarly sweet song, although the sound of the ventilator laced over the track straddles the notion of creepy, but with Good Charlotte this oddly fits.

Good Charlotte might have aimed to make a Blink 182 record but Cardiology is nothing like a Blink album. It's grown-up, catchy music for the ageing pop-punk fan and every Good Charlotte-lover will embrace it whole-heartedly.

Rating: 3/5