Various Artists - Bring You To Your Knees (Reignition)

Wayne Madden | Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Various Artists - Bring You To Your Knees (Reignition)

Compiled as a tribute to a band that once ruled the world, Bring You To Your Knees is a collection of cover songs compiled by some of the heaviest bands on US soil, and to be a little different to the countless other GNR tribute albums out there, they all collectively got together and decided that this would indeed stand out from the rest - as being one of the worst.

The accolades of worst of the worst on this record go to Haste and Zombie Apocalypse whose renditions of 'You're Crazy' and 'Welcome To The Jungle', respectively, open this record in such an ill-manner that it can't possibly be described on paper. Congratulations must also go to Vaux for simply destroying '14 Years' and The Beautiful Mistake for turning 'Estranged' into a lifeless corpse. And indeed the worst two songs on this album have to be The Dillinger Escape Plan with 'My Michelle' and Death by Stereo on 'Anything Goes'.

Break the Silence escape with honours intact for giving us a classic rendition of 'Nightrain', but considering that this is a tribute album, the song seems a little too like the original to stand out among the rest. Most Precious Blood offer us a prime example of how a song can be taken and re-made into a pit classic, even if Unearth learned nothing during their rendition of 'You're Crazy' other than to tell Axl to f*ck off!

As the tracks progress, it seems there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Eighteen Visions sex up 'Paradise City' like never before and it brings some relief to the almost constant eardrum bashing we have received up until this point. Everytime I Die steals the show, however, with a faultless loose acoustic strum through 'I Used To Love Her' and are followed by a fantastic metal version of 'Out To Get Me' performed by God Forbid. Rounding off proceedings, Bleeding Through take a fair stab but fail to capture the performance heights of the previous two acts.

Guns N' Roses once conquered the world with their own brand of raw, rough-and-ready music, but this album shows that while some bands have what it takes to give a decent spin on their music in present day form, their time would be better spent on their own recordings as opposed to nostalgic tribute albums.

Rating: 1/5