KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit (Virgin)

Melissa Lewis | Thursday, 07 October 2010

KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit (Virgin)

When your first album is a huge seller worldwide and your second fails to ignite the passion from buyers, the third really is crunch time. For that reason alone, KT Tunstall could be forgiven for taking a three-year break from the industry. She's now ready to find out if what she has still sells.

Tiger Suit is different, there's no denying that, but is it progression or change? Opening track 'Uummannaq Song'' draws on electronic big beats most often linked closely to stargazing acts such as Maps and electronic band Shiny Toy Guns. KT appears to leave behind the bluesy acoustic singer/songwriter from 'Eyes To A Telescope' and branch into Bat For Lashes and Goldfrapp territory. No longer the girl next door - she's SEXY.

It's evident throughout that producer Jim Abbiss – most famously known for his work with Kasabian – is responsible for the big beat rock and roll persona KT creates in the first three tracks; 'Glamour Puss' is only the start of the electronic revolution.

Album highlight 'Push That Knot Away' clinches to folky tendencies before embarking into dark Laura Marling and dance riffs. It's a weird one you have to hear for yourself, but definitely one of the best on Tiger Suit; it's a fast-approaching interesting release.

Debut 'Fade Like A Shadow' doesn't really encapsulate what the album represents and you will probably be left thinking why this and not the two tracks previous was released. 'Golden Frames' touches on KT's blues roots and brings to the forefront her soothing Scottish vocals and Cherry Tree guitar chords.

It could be a mash up of everything KT had in her; it's energetic, thought endorsing and intriguing, but somehow manages to intrinsically bring out the best of folk, dance and blues in the humble artist you can't help but love.

'Still A Weirdo' and 'The Entertainer' bring the album back to the ground; they're raw, intense and original. 'Difficulty' is a perfect example of how KT has grown while still managing to hold on to her blossoming sentiment. However, with so many influences, you wonder if there is still a market for Tunstall and whether, as an album, she still has what it takes to make music people want, rather than the music other people already have. Tiger Suit says yes. It still feels like KT – just about.

Rating: 3.5/5