Living Legends - The Gathering (Legendary Music)

Lisa Norman | Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Living Legends - The Gathering (Legendary Music)

Remember the days when rappers used to spit lyrics about normal things, not murder, gun crime and ho's? Well, those days are back, courtesy of Living Legends. Refusing to rap and moan about living in the 'hood and how hard their childhood was, these boys are keeping it real, but in a good way.

Recorded at Encore Studio (Dre's The Chronic), The Gathering is a pumped up collection of seven tracks by the Living Legends. Though slightly stingy on tracks, this is a warm up to the full length EP due out at the end of the year. Each track features every MC - these being Murs, The Grouch, Eligh, Luckyiam, Sunspot Jonz, Bicasso, Aesop and Scarab, while production by Grammy nominated Mike Lazer (of Gnarls Barkley fame) helps bring the tracks to life.

With an old skool flavour to their tunes, these fellas take substance over style every time, producing classic beats that the industry has been crying out for. And let's face it, would you rather listen to rhymes about homies, screwing over the police and shooting up with some friends or something with substance, like environmental issues, social welfare and astrology?

It's easy to see that the Living Legends are professionals; collectively they have sold over a quarter of a million records between them. Standout tracks include 'She Wants Me' and 'The Gathering', which are performed like already extant anthems. These could easily be singles.

Despite the swearing, the only questionable line Living Legends produce is "bring your little sister/Cos I wanna get her pregnant". Could be worse, right? Though probably not hip-hop to most, those with the flavour of the old skool running through their veins will certainly appreciate this album.

We're told from the off in the title track that the Living Legends are "eight of the dopest grown men with microphones you ever heard in your life". Agree or not, they pack a mean punch with this little lot. Musically, they haven't moved with the times and remain somewhat stuck in 1996, but lyrically they have the edge to appeal to a wider fan base rather than just the hoodie clan.

Rating: 3/5