LL Cool J - Exit 13 (Def Jam Recordings)

Lisa Norman | Monday, 15 September 2008

LL Cool J - Exit 13 (Def Jam Recordings)

Finally, LL Cool J has completed his obligatory run with record label Def Jam Recordings. And boy, this one's a cracker! With 19 tracks, you’ll be spoilt for choice and certainly get your money's worth. Despite being in the game for twenty-five years, he is still widely regarded as being one of the top lyricists in the business.

The lyrical content on Exit 13 isn't too bad, but it does come with a parental advisory sticker. With LL's cool sass and sexed up delivery, the bad lyrics are something to be somewhat overlooked. 'Old School New School' offers classic LL lyric dropping that lives up to his legendary status. It's a fun hip-hop beat that will keep you bouncing on the dance floor.

'Get Over Here' features It's Ya Girl Nicolette, Jiz, Lyrikal and Ticky Diamondz. Each bring their own flavour to the bass and make this one of the best tracks on the album. It resembles a lyrical battle as the players take their turn to compete through the track. First album release 'Baby', meanwhile, slips into what the industry wants at the moment. It's nothing original, just the same old rap about girls and how to give them love. Time to change the record? Yes, please.

The rock remix of 'Baby' features musician Richie Sambora, though there's no sign of a guitar on the track. With lyrics like: "Hot sex on a platter/No need to cook", this is unintentionally hilarious. 'Rocking with the G.O.A.T.' follows in the same vein, but offers a hardcore, heavier bass line.

'Mr President' features Wyclef Jean and addresses what's wrong with the world today, something most artists seem to hanker after doing these days. Thankfully, LL does this in a way that's bearable, if not a little funky. Following this is the cool 'American Girl', which uses the National Anthem to create a marching band sound.

LL's clearly still got it in him to deliver a fast-paced album with plenty of vibrant beats. With plenty of top names teaming up to accompany him, including Fugees legend Wyclef Jean and Funkmster Flex, this guy is still ahead of the game.

Rating: 4/5