The Pipettes - Earth Vs The Pipettes (Fortuna POP!)

Bill Vine | Monday, 12 April 2010

The Pipettes - Earth Vs The Pipettes (Fortuna POP!)

Remember The Pipettes? Well, it hardly matters whether you do or don't because they've had a fair few Sugababes-esque line-up changes since the release of their debut album, We Are The Pipettes. Now a two-piece, they've ditched the polka-dot dresses and completely revamped their sound. But how does it compare?

Thankfully, the overriding sense of fun that permeated their first release is still present, but instead of that girl-band of the 1950s/60s feel it's been replaced by something altogether more 1980s sounding.

Take the record's second track, 'Ain't No Talkin', for instance. Instead of being infused with that Ronettes-esque sound, we're presented with something more like a cross between 'Club Tropicana' and 'The Hustle'. There album also hints at elements of Sophie Ellis Bextor's work at points, particularly track seven, 'Stop The Music', which could have easily been a follow-up piece to 'Groovejet'.

And the influences don't stop there: 'Captain Rhythm' has something of 'Spirit In The Sky' about it, and Jeff Wayne's 'The Eve Of The War' pervades 'Our Love Was Saved By Spacemen'.

In fact, despite its 1970-80s sonic influences, the whole of the album has a very 50s science fiction vibe which does put the B-movie inspired album title into perspective. As such, you find yourself listening to something that has nostalgic kitsch value for a future that never was, which is quite an odd thing.

At points the LP's striking, but for the whole it's rather clich├ęd. That doesn't mean that it's not an enjoyable listen, though, because it is. It'll be interesting to see what happens next for The Pipettes. Earth Vs The Pipettes is good, honest, fun pop and despite its failings it's definitely worth the trip to HMV.

Rating: 3/5