The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up (Polydor)

Melissa Lewis | Thursday, 07 October 2010

The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up (Polydor)

Girl power's in at the moment. No, not the type that Scary and Ginger Spice threw in your face early 90s, but the stroppy-yet-sexual Courtney Love piss-off-and-die attitude. Thanks to Kirsten Stewart and current cinema listing 'The Runaways', rock and roll women are well and truly in fashion. Cue The Pretty Reckless – surely they can't kill the buzz?

Lead singer and bohemian Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen may look the part – scantily clad on stage amongst a group of men probably old enough to be her dad, but debut album Light Me Up does little to add credibility to her angst pleas to become the answer to our current "Disney bubblegum" music scene.

Yes, ok, it's probably better than Bieber's latest release, or Taylor Swift's soppy lyrical forgiveness to Kanye, but it's not groundbreaking. In fact, if Ashley Simpson popped up and said "I wrote this album" early millennium years, few would be surprised. Its main problem is that it never kicks off. Opening tracks 'My Medicine' and 'Since You're Gone' fail to make any impact and 'Make Me Wanna Die' is catchy, but only fort the first twenty times you hear it on the radio.

But it's not all bad news. Album titled track 'Light Me Up' is oddly catchy if poor lyrically and new single 'Miss Nothing' reeks of sultry rock lust with a drum beat worth a second listen. The band put in an above average session, despite knowing full well this record isn't made for them. Momsen's vocal performance is hard to fault but for such a short album, it does a good job of being little more than perpetual noise. When subtle, it's pretty good. But when feisty and attention seeking, the album lacks any real substance to fight with the big boys in rock and categorises itself in the teen-punk part of the store.

14-year-olds will be binning Avril to make room for The Pretty Reckless, but for any real music-lover it's branded with a pretty huge 'no go'. My Chemical Romance fans have probably already decided this band are the best thing to happen to the industry since East 17 called it a day. It's a pop record – despite Taylor's pleas – and her gravel-like vocals and previous acting stardom are what make it stand out from other records that probably wouldn't even make the shelves. Not for us, ta.

Rating: 2/5