Alice In Chains - Your Decision (Parlophone Records)

Laura Bruneau | Saturday, 21 November 2009

Alice In Chains - Your Decision (Parlophone Records)

Unlike the numerous washed up old rock bands that leave you feeling hollow, or the new trendy kids that make you want to tear both your hair and teeth out of your head with their nauseating regurgitation of soulless drivel, Alice In Chains still manage to light a little fire of rebellion and teenage angst in your belly.

'Your Decision' opens with the kind of unassuming strumming that welcomes you into the comforting realm of a jamming session in a friend's garage. Somewhere, among the cans of emulsion and power tools, is that lack of pretension that characterized many 90s grunge bands.

Sadly, another legacy of grunge turned out to be drug abuse. However, despite the tragic death of Layne Staley in 2002, Alice in Chains have found in William DuVall a worthy new front man. His deep howls fit the bitter sweet strain of this track's aching transpositions of key.

Simplicity twined with atmosphere was always the secret to grunge's appeal. Chord progressions here aren't overly complicated but the pedal squeals stop the material falling short and dull. Playing alongside this is the kick bass drum, resuscitating our hope for change and creativity.

Considering this is the second single off their first studio album in fourteen years, Alice In Chains impress with their ability to remain fresh and inspiring.

Rating: 4/5