The Bishops – If You Leave Today (W2 Records/Pebble Beach Music)

Charlie Ashcroft | Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Bishops – If You Leave Today (W2 Records/Pebble Beach Music)

With their second studio album, titled For Now, due out at the beginning of March, the London three-piece are back with another catchy single to pre-empt the LP's release.

What is clear from the off is that brothers Mike and Pete Bishop deal in bloody tight vocal harmonies. 'If You Leave Today' is a simple, heart-felt tale examining the potential repercussions of lost love, backed up by a series of guitar licks which fall somewhere between the classic punk pop of The Ramones and The Times, but with an added Britpop sheen.

With the production sounding rather polished, the arrangements bode well for the forthcoming album. Given that 'If You Leave Today' has slight similarities of tempo and tone to the band's previous single 'City Lights' though, one would hope that the long player will have them illustrating a bit of diversity over the course of its fourteen tracks.

'If You Leave Today' sees The Bishops stick to a pretty rigid formula – it's straight up, Kaiser Chiefs-style indie pop which won't be to everyone's taste. Having said that, it contains enough upbeat melodies to suggest that this lot may be pushing for more mainstream attention before the year is out.

Rating: 3.5/5