Buck Brothers - When I Look At You All I Think About Is Sex (Cargo)

Laura Bruneau | Sunday, 26 April 2009

Buck Brothers - When I Look At You All I Think About Is Sex (Cargo)

It has been said that men think about sex every seven seconds, but how many of them would admit these thoughts in a three minute song? Buck Brothers seem to have no qualms about it, but they may be in the minority.

Despite the old adage of sex, drugs and rock and roll being indelibly linked to the punk genre, the Buck Brothers don't personify this ethos as fervently as you might assume. Sex appears in the title for purely gratuitous shock value, but there lacks any ferocity to support the attempt at 70s punk lasciviousness.

'When I Look At You…' begins with vocals reminiscent of a bad 80s hangover, before kicking into a late 90s American pop punk backing. Comparisons could be drawn to some softer classic punk such as The Vapors' 'Turning Japanese' or Buzzcock's 'Orgasm Addict', but the production value is higher on the Buck Brothers' release and their style cleaner and more modernised.

Andy, their vocalist, seems to be attempting to sound somewhere between Bowie and Morrisey, ending up nearer the Cure. Perhaps it is this broad range of influence that leads to a style so uncomfortable to categorise. To call them merely pop punk would be reductive but provides the simplest explanation of their sound.

Buck Brothers might never rock your world but they'll be sure to give you the odd giggle along the way.

Rating: 2/5