Dorp - London Out There (Caned & Able)

Ashleigh Morgan | Thursday, 04 December 2008

Dorp - London Out There (Caned & Able)

Originally from South Africa, Dorp have been busy making a nice little niche for themselves in the UK market for a few years now. They certainly have been hard at work, putting their talents to good use, visiting colleges and spreading their musical prophecies as far as possible. With a belief that meaningful messages should be present in songs, as well as a genre bending sound, they certainly have a lot to say.

Impossibly hard to sit still to, Dorp have got their sound tuned to exactly how they want it to sound and in title track London Out There, from beginning to end there’s neither a moment left hanging, nor a questionable note to be heard. Just a hard hitting four minutes of pure enjoyment. As has been already stated by many journalists, they really do make it difficult to pigeonhole them, a quality that is sought after by many bands, but rarely achieved.

The remix that also comes with the single (always a bonus) is much dirtier. The deep, grimy electro bass line dominates the instrumental backdrop and forces the distorted vocals to make themselves the focus of the song. Whilst both versions of the track are undoubtedly good songs, the remix does seem to have that extra something, a bit more unique and edgy, definitely a worthwhile addition to the single.

As if you weren’t being spoiled enough already, there’s a third track that comes with the single; Extreme. This is unadulterated mechanical, eclectic and electric rock. Catchy hooks and riffs are layered upon each other to create a fearsome wall of noise, which allows the vocalist’s straight up, no frills voice to soar over the top.

This is a great example of what Dorp can do, broadening the horizons of what bands can achieve when they put their minds to it. Intelligent lyrics teamed with intoxicating electro rock certainly makes for an impressive combination. Not only do Dorp have something to say, they do a damn good job of saying it.