Drums Of Death - Got Yr Thing (Greco-Roman)

Tess Askew | Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Drums Of Death - Got Yr Thing (Greco-Roman)

If you aren't familiar with Drums of Death, or his work, then prepare to be dazzled. Over the next six to 12 months, this guy is going to start taking over the British music scene.

'Got Yr Thing' is Drums of Death's latest release. He's remixed and produced in the past under aliases, but Drums of Death is the name that will take him higher. He's featured on Franz Ferdinand's latest single and also has a couple of unexpected, high-profile remixes in the pipeline.

If you've seen Drums of Death - aka Colin Bailey - play live, then you will be familiar with 'Got Yr Thing' – a set highlight as it were. He's been tearing up a number of festivals this year and is taking the Drums of Death live experience on the road at the end of this year.

The track itself is a house banger. It's loud, bassy, ravey and catchy. The sleazy, up-front lyrics include lines like "I got the thing that you're needing / You know the urge that I'm feeling / No time for games or teasing / Just body sweat and breathing."

The single features a remix package where 'Got Yr Thing' is reworked by Starkey, turned fidget house by Jesse Rose & Oliver $ and played with by DFA's new lads Cage & Aviary - all together an impressive line-up.

Drums of Death is at the top of his game and this single indicates an exciting future. 'Got Yr Thing' is released on 5th October through the Greco-Roman label.

Rating: 3.5/5