4 x 12" - Volume 2 (Dance To The Radio)

Phillip Clark | Tuesday, 21 July 2009

4 x 12" - Volume 2 (Dance To The Radio)

Dance To The Radio, the indie label from Leeds, releases this EP-style compilation of four singles from four relatively unheard of bands.

First up is Suckers with 'It Gets Your Body Movin'. The Brooklyn-based four-piece's offering is a slow-tempo affair, with lyrics sung in a chant-like style. There is a dull, verging on dreary, side to this song, but somehow this makes the track even better; almost making it more realistic. Pan, Quinn, Austin and the not-so-exciting-sounding Brian do seem to have a lot of potential - over time the song does get your vocal chords moving, if not your body.

Second track 'Jagged Lines', performed by Holy State, certainly gives you a rude awakening after the sedative effect of Suckers. It's up-tempo metal-sounding rock with, of course, stereotypiical shouting-on-the-verge-of-screaming style vocals, which might get you a bit more charged up, but after a while becomes almost monotonous with its constant repetition.

'Rainbow In The Dark' by Das Racist is the third and best track on this small compilation. The lyrics aren't exactly profound: "Tiny as hamburgers/Tiny as cheeseburgers/Tiny as chicken sandwiches", but the whole track is finished flawlessly. Das Racist, also from Brooklyn, definitely require a 'watch this space' notice.

Last up is Leeds-based psycho-pop band Bear Driver with 'Mind Attack'. It's not a bad effort from this four-piece, containing nice melodies, a range of instruments and delicate vocals. However, a sense of de-ja-vu does emerge when listening to 'Mind Attack'. While it isn't a requirement for every band to be completely original, if they are sticking to tried and tested techniques then they need to make sure it is on the same level as its contemporaries. Unfortunately this falls just short.

A clear pattern comes from the four singles - the Brooklyn lot completely outshine the Leeds-based bands. As a product, 4x12" isn't anything special. The genre jumping means that unless you're a massive fan of one of the four bands, there is very little reason why you'd want to seek this one out.

Rating: 1.5/5