Blakfish - See You In Another City (Big Scary Monsters)

Charlie Ashcroft | Monday, 02 March 2009

Blakfish - See You In Another City (Big Scary Monsters)

This five-track EP cements the Birmingham four-piece’s emerging reputation. Already fêted by many in the British rock fraternity, Blakfish have let this raucous piece of work off the leash, to provide a throbbing, vital snapshot of their high-energy post-hardcore. It all bodes rather well for their album, to be released later on this year.

Considering ‘See You In Another City’ is their first proper release, it’s a highly accomplished effort overall. Opener ‘Preparing For Guests’ is relentlessly loud from the off, rampaging back and forth between raw aggression and group melody, bringing to mind early material by noughties cult heroes The Next Nine Years at various points along the way.

In terms of crossover potential, the superbly-titled ‘Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man’ is the most likely to bring the band a broader audience; it’s an aural assault, but a catchy one nonetheless, with riffs and intensity reminiscent of the likes of Reuben and Hell Is For Heroes. There’s a certain poppiness on display, but it’s all channelled impressively through a pounding, riotous din.

Closing number ‘Carnival Carnivore’ is the highlight though, rattling through nearly six minutes of thoroughly British rock textures, taking in all manner of punk and metal in its approach, managing to showcase bags of musical dexterity without even a hint of pretension.

This extended player will repeatedly gobble you up and spit you out until you stand up and take notice. Exhilarating stuff, which hopefully marks the beginning of a lengthy career at the helm of the wider UK rock scene. 

Rating: 4/5