House Of Brothers - Document 1 (Kartel)

Barry Healy | Friday, 10 April 2009

House Of Brothers - Document 1 (Kartel)

House of Brothers are an indie-folk 5-piece ensemble whose work could be placed somewhere between Frank Turner and Fionn Regan. It is fair to say they would do well to emulate the momentous standards achievements of fellow folkie Conor Oberst. Bearing this in mind, how does the new EP fare?

Document 1 is a pretty tight assortment of tunes, full of plucky acoustic guitars, reverb laden electric guitar, harmonious singing and twinkly piano playing. These are layered in a well polished way creating an effective, if somewhat predictable sound. The lyrics are delivered gracefully and brim with angst and philosophical perceptions of the world and relationships (often an introverted reflection of the writer).

The result of this is a warm, fuzzy and inviting collection of songs which are an inoffensive and facile listen. The whole thing is a little too static to get really excited about and would profit greatly from a dose of spontaneity. This is an unsurprising set of songs that radiate an aura of staleness. You will most likely get the feeling that you've already heard a myriad of releases just like this.

Document 1 is a solid attempt that ticks a lot of the boxes for its genre, but lacks that special something to propel it to the heady heights of contemporaries like Oberst. This is a case of indie-folk that 'does exactly what it says on the tin'. It could potentially win the adoration of many music fans, but not here and not now.

Rating: 2.5/5