Innerpartysystem - Heart Of Fire EP (Island Records)

Ashleigh Morgan | Sunday, 12 April 2009

Innerpartysystem - Heart Of Fire EP (Island Records)

Innerpartysystem have been causing quitw a stir of late. Going from relative obscurity to cult fame, to now toeing the line of mainstream stardom - all at about 100 miles an hour. Already gaining themselves interest and media coverage with 'Don't Stop' (now released twice), this six-track EP looks set to better the Innerpartysystem name and get even more people to sit up and take notice.

Their mix of samples, beats, thick guitar-laden riffs and electronic, emotive voice is a winner; it's a unique sound in a humdrum music scene. With such a mix of genres including drum 'n' bass, metal, rock, electronica, it's no wonder that the band are so well-liked - there really is something for everyone! This EP is a strong selection of songs, showcasing Innerpartysystem's different moods and emotions – the thoughtful song, the one you want to dance to, and the sing-along number; they all have a place under the band's large umbrella of styles. All this in only six tracks.

Currently touring the UK and also confirmed for the coveted headline spot at Give It A Name Festival, this latest release certainly shows what the band can do and should reassure anyone who currently holds tickets to see them live that they are in for a good time. The strongest track on the album is the closing song, 'The Lovers Dancing Remix'; it really brings together all that Innerpartysystem strive for, with music and vocals entwining perfectly to create a stellar track. In true Innerpartysystem style, the band have gone all out and included the original version of this tune on the EP for your listening pleasure.

It's hard not to rave about this band, to be subjective and fair without sounding like a fully-fledged fan already. Besides, there must be someone out there who doesn't like Innerpartysystem. Somewhere.

Rating: 4/5