Iron & Wine - Lovesong Of The Buzzard (Sub Pop)

Ashleigh Morgan | Thursday, 12 June 2008

Iron & Wine - Lovesong Of The Buzzard (Sub Pop)

This is fairly simple music, with just enough layers to stop it from becoming dull. With the occasional odd guitar sound, irregular percussion and whispery, soft vocals, creator Samuel Beam does well to stop this rather basic approach to music sounding all too easy. The EP is only a three track offering, but it would be nice to hear more from him as this does sound as though it could achieve more.

With all the songs sounding upbeat in a rather melancholic way, it seems as though there is a definite nod to more old styled American hippy bands of the '60s and '70s. There are some enjoyable moments, particularly in terms of the musical backdrop that often seems to have been forged with more passion than that of the vocals.

This EP is certainly a grower; on first listen the music may seem a little too wishy washy to hold much stead amongst music fans looking for something more definitive. After a few more listens, the nuances of the different sections of the music are noticed and even the fairly plain sounding vocals seem to interlock with the instrumental to create a bigger picture.

Certainly not one for those who like their music a bit more excitable, but enough to appease anyone with a more delicate ear, particularly for some chilled out summer evening background tunes.

Rating: 3/5