The School - Let It Slip (EP)

Charlotte Williams | Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The School - Let It Slip (EP)

Reviving a long forgotten sound is a flourishing band that evoke feeling and passion in their love of all things '60s. Fronting the Cardiff group is Liz Hunt, a woman with such an angelic voice that it becomes immediately addictive. Through observation of the musical talent, it's easy to see that rock and roll is the most influential factor, but this can never be a bad thing. It's about time we all started to 'twist again'!

'Let It Slip' is the epitome of American prom with its swinging '60s feel. It will have you moving and grooving quicker than you can say 'high school'. 'Shoulder' contains a melody so uplifting that it can cancel out any sadness wrought from the heartfelt lyrics. 'I Want You Back' is the penultimate track and has an awfully chirpy dynamic which leaves you feeling revitalised and happy. Finally, 'I don't Believe In Love' commences with an empathetic male vocal that really fires up when Liz's vocals kick in. With the duo being so darn accomplished, it's hard to believe the EP ends so quickly.

The conclusion with this EP is clear. Considering that the genre of pop is almost lost nowadays, The School is an extremely refreshing diversion from the norm. Infectiously cool, this is one EP that should grace the shelves of anybody who longs for the decades of old to return.

Rating: 4/5