Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses Remixes (Domino)

Barry Healy | Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses Remixes (Domino)

Remix collections are often unpredictable, and this unpredictability is actually the attraction; some of the remixes can be awful, but there is an equal chance of a real gem.

This release includes five very different remixes of Franz Ferdinand’s latest single 'Ulysses'. 'Beyond the Wizards Sleeve Remix’ is the first - a fairly laid back affair with the artist succeeding in creating a track barely resembling the original, but on the whole there isn’t much to get excited about.

‘Feeling Kind Of Anxious (Ulysses Dub)’ is next up and is certainly an interesting version. It retains much more of the original, but includes a punchy dub beat complemented well by some classy synths and a need to bop one's head. The ‘Disco Bloodbath Remix’ follows and has much more of a club feel; it succeeds in retaining the essence of the track whilst creating the feel of a frantic chase.

‘Max Tundra’s Remix’ is the shortest and most unique of all mixes included - a lively up-tempo and cheery take on the original, complete with 80s computer game-esque beats and synths, creating a very interesting and enjoyable listen. ‘Mickey Moonlight’s Remix’ is a fairly straightforward take on the tune. Much of the original is unchanged, complemented nicely with some bongo drums amongst other funky samples

Overall, it's an interesting collection which will be of benefit to DJs. Expect to hear some of these bangers in clubs and festivals throughout 2009. Listening to five remixes of the same track is obviously going to be a bit repetitive, but some of them are well worth your ears.

Rating: 3/5