White Belt Yellow Tag - Remains (Distiller)

Jim Pusey | Sunday, 11 October 2009

White Belt Yellow Tag - Remains (Distiller)

White Belt Yellow Tag continue the slow build up to next year's debut album, Methods, with a new EP. Yet again it's quality not quantity that prevails here.

Justin Lockey & Craig Pilbin's collaboration focuses on soaring sonic experimentation, and that's perfectly illustrated on lead track 'Remains'. The vocals echo around the song, which draws comparisons with the best of Doves' back catalogue.

It's a perfectly catchy track that relies on driving guitar riffs leading to a storming chorus. The lyrics such as: "it's best not to love", add a slight shoe gazing tinge to an otherwise very upbeat song that deserves airplay alongside the best British guitar bands.

Some of the techniques used here show why Lockey is in such demand as a producer with bands including White Lies. Instrumental track 'Control, Designs, & Innovations' contrasts quiet moments with piano and strings that explode into feedback strewn anthemic sections.

The cover of the Wedding Present's 'Dalliance' is pretty much paint by numbers. It's a more straightforward affair than the original material on this EP, with more audible lyrics and an obvious nod to bands like the Wedding Present and Joy Division.

The two remaining tracks (both remixes of 'Remains' involving The Cooper Temple Clause's Tom Bellamy) are good but superfluous to the overall experience. It would have been preferable to hear more new songs, but if this EP does achieve one thing, it's yet another clue that next year's album Methods could be well worth a listen.

Rating: 4/5