Wired Desire - Barely Illegal EP (Pants Down)

Chris Miller | Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Wired Desire - Barely Illegal EP (Pants Down)

The metal beast of the '80s has awoken from its slumber in the form of this young Scottish band who both look and sound the part. In fact, if you close your eyes you might imagine you hear Bruce Dickinson or Jon Bon Jovi screeching their way through this retro montage.

Wired Desire and singer Kieran Daly are clearly fully equipped and intent on rocking the foundations of the music scene. Opening track and insomniac anthem 'No One Sleeps Tonight' is fast-paced, energetic and relevant and comes complete with a welcome, but maybe not intentional Rod Stewart quote.

Sadly, it is at the end of this first track that the EP loses its flow. 'The Hard Stuff' is laden with classic metal riffs and guitar solos but fails to capture the listener's attention. Third track 'Damn Hard' tends to follow the same framework but with more profanity and slight backing vocals, which is an improvement on what came before. Still, there's just not enough variation to maintain interest.

The EP ends with 'Ride', probably the only other track worth a listen for the average music fan thanks to its pace changes, strong solos and Daly's attitude-ridden vocals. If you are a fan of classic rock and metal you will enjoy this more than most, for the rest of us, an early night in with the latest Coldplay record beckons.

Rating: 2/5