Yuksek – Tonight EP (UWe)

Charlie Ashcroft | Monday, 29 September 2008

Yuksek – Tonight EP (UWe)

Having wowed scenesters and clubbers alike with previous offerings like 'Composer' and 'Little Dirty Trip', Yuksek is back with a bang with this latest 3-track EP. It's fit for any self-respecting DJ's autumn playlist on account of its ballsy fusion of ragged beats and accessible electro house.

Lead track 'Tonight' undulates wonderfully through its four-minute duration, showcasing Yuksek's typically trustworthy ability to manipulate commercial-sounding vocals and regular beats to make them sound fresh and hard-hitting. Keen to stand out from a now well-congested section of the music market, 'Tonight' has Monsieur layering everything over a set of bracing crescendos and breakdowns, of which even the likes of Daft Punk would undoubtedly be proud.

'I Like To Play' is a fine attempt at innovation, skewing duplicated vocal samples and low-bitrate bleeps to mould a gradual cacophony out of what seem to be voluntarily limited resources, while managing to pump even faster than its opening-track predecessor.

EP closer 'Deladeu 2', which begins by shooting around all over the place like an electrified pinball, eventually takes up a similar shape to the disc's title track. For all Busson's manic meddling and knob-twiddling throughout, it still recalls 'Tonight' a little too much to distinguish itself within the context of the record.

Having said that, all three tracks on offer here are decent stand-alone efforts, and on current form there's no denying that Yuksek has taken further steps to cement his place on the ever-impressive map of electro fran├žais.

Rating: 4/5