Dot To Dot Festival - Nottingham (24/05/2009)

Anthony Cody | Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Dot To Dot Festival - Nottingham (24/05/2009)

The first port of call was Stealth club in order to catch Official Secrets Act. Unfortunately, this hotly tipped band was missing in action, so off we trooped to Rock City to watch Kid British, another up-and-coming band attracting good reviews. Kid British is more comparable to a gang rather than a band. They filled every inch of the stage with members, each one contributing to their '21st Century Specials' sound. The highlight of the set came from an unlikely source; a cover of 'Hot And Cold' by Katy Perry was surprisingly effective when injected with a hefty dose of ska and reggae.

Next up came a quick stop in the pub to make sure the Geordies had been relegated. Safe in the knowledge that they had indeed seen the last of Premiership football for at least a year, we jovially returned to Rock City to watch a personal favourite; Mumford and Sons. It is always a pleasure to watch these guys perform, and once again they were immaculate. Heart-wrenchingly honest lyrics combined with beautiful musicianship makes for a special sound. 'Roll Away Your Stone' and 'White Blank Page' were sublime and duly appreciated by the crowd. A rare highlight of the day.

We then decided to check out Alessi's Ark in Trent Student Union. Their understated gentle songs were appreciated after a long day of traipsing around Nottingham. Unable to get up from our table due to laziness, we also ended up watching Teitur. He is from the Faroe Islands and his style of music is quite similar to Alessi's Ark. 'We Still Drink The Same Water' was a standout track, possibly because of its rather bizarre title but more likely because of the strength of its melodies.

Turning up to see Friendly Fires twenty minutes before they came on was perhaps the biggest mistake of the night. Arriving at Rock City with high hopes of seeing a polished set from one of the leading UK bands, a four-mile queue stood between us and the door. So, with dragging feet we walked to the Rescue Rooms and happened to catch the end of The Joy Formidable's set, which was a bonus because they managed to quell the anger which was being vented at not being able to see Friendly Fires.

Little Boots was even more over-subscribed! The Rescue Rooms venue could not cope with the crowds, and hundreds of people were left outside, including us again! We just about managed to hear 'Stuck On Repeat', but through a door - not ideal. It would appear the artist is getting too big for her boots.

Annie Mac was the last stop of the day. But by now, the small matters of heatstroke and dehydration were coming into play, so Annie only got a quick listen before we were off to pass out. Overall a good day out was had, but in terms of music, Dot to Dot didn't quite live up to expectations.

The atmosphere was lacking in some venues, probably because a large proportion of the bands were virtual unknowns. Also the problems which we faced (being unable to watch Friendly Fires and Little Boots) affected hundreds of people, many of whom would have bought their tickets based on the premise that they would be able to see these two acts.

Rating: 2.5/5