Four Tet - Sing (Domino)

Laura Bruneau | Tuesday, 02 March 2010

Four Tet - Sing (Domino)

Chiptune meets something akin to the Clangers, and together they beat their tiny little pots and pans to create the ingenious construction that is Four Tet's new single 'Sing'. All the parts of this song fit together like a well oiled mechanism.

It evokes images of the delicate, silver, skeleton clocks you see displayed in the British museum that look so fragile as to defy the idea that human hands could ever have had the dexterity to craft them. Listening to such relatively simple elegance, you could imagine this being the background music to a vintage video game, however it gradually builds up, thicker, lush, polyphonic layers that destroy this illusion.

'Sing' soars above the mushroom kingdom and finds its place in the world where they make the invincibility stars. Ethereal, Bjork-like breathy whispers overlaying the track are at once calming without seeming detached or incidental. Mixing 8-bit timbres with the sensibility of Buddha Lounge, each fibre is stretched to its full extension and Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) risks overlong expansion of track times to avoid the danger of leaving them uncomfortably truncated.

Serenely haunting, without any suggestion of the grotesque, Four Tet's new single enchants its listeners by appealing to that place in us where the modern and the magical meet.

Rating: 4/5