Go:Audio - Drive To The City (Epic)

Tom Rowse | Thursday, 19 March 2009

Go:Audio - Drive To The City (Epic)

Having tickled the belly of the 'Top 40' charts during the summer of 2008, Go:Audio seem determined to get 2009 off to an energetic and fun-filled start. This should, all things considered, be the year Go:Audio get big, unless the Gods of fortune and fame are set against them. Young bands with tunes as catchy and appealing as these are few and far between without being manufactured.

'Drive To The City', while possibly not as melodic as 'She Left Me' or immediate as 'Made Up Stories' does manage to punch above it's weight; it's pure pop-punk joy. Seemingly designed for parties and teenie gatherings, with a (perhaps too) Euro-pop tinged beat and synth backdrop driving the song onwards, 'Drive To The City' makes up in energy what it lacks in depth. Unashamedly fun yet bashfully sweet, Go:Audio once again deliver a huge chorus that is sure to raise the pulse of any who hear it.

The repetitive lyrics and lack of progression may wear thin upon multiple listens, as may the overly sugar-coated nature of the song, but as winter fades to spring and the sun re-emerges, 'Drive To The City' could well be that first ray of sunshine.

Rating: 4/5