Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Parlophone)

Madison Lavelle | Friday, 08 January 2010

Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Parlophone)

By now we may have all realised that Hot Chip have a wonderful talent for creating singles. From the underground super hit 'Over And Over' and the infectious 'Boy From School' to their 2008 top 10 smash 'Ready For The Floor'. The five boys - Alexis, Joe, Felix, Al and Owen - are constantly pushing the boundaries of modern pop music, and this track is no exception.

From the very first beat, the low sneaking synthy bassline grabs you - it's definitely Hot Chip! Before you know it, the track sails into that wonderfully airy electro rhythm that is reminiscent of all Hot Chip tracks, but we never tire of listening to.

An added bonus tacked on to the end of this great new single is the last track. They have enlisted the help of two master innovators in their field - Fimber Bravo (Steel and Skin) works his magic on the steel drums whilst Charles Hayward (This Heat) provides the drums for the wonderful but altogether different mix of this track.

Another fine feat of work from the Hot Chip gang, this little taster of the upcoming new album (also titled One Life Stand) certainly deserves applause. Keep up the good work and keep those hits coming!

Rating: 4/5