Iglu & Hartly – Violent & Young (Mercury Records)

Charlie Ashcroft | Monday, 19 January 2009

Iglu & Hartly – Violent & Young (Mercury Records)

Shallow synths and squeaky raps are the name of the game once more as Iglu & Hartly attempt to prolong their already rather baffling success here in the UK by re-releasing 'Violent & Young'.

Somewhat darker in tone than their last single, the track’s moody electro intro rapidly gives way to a non-descript piano lick, smothered with inane vocals and a horribly processed drum sound.

The chorus is catchy to a degree, but borders on annoying after repeated listens, mainly as a result of lyrics such as "I wanna turn us all around / Now take a step down / How can we all get along / When we're so violent and young?" Maybe Igly & Hartly are getting all political on our asses.

Despite 'Violent & Young' being a slight improvement on the much-lampooned 'In This City', Iglu & Hartly's approach to songcraft still comes across as too simplistic for them to be taken seriously by the wider music press.

They’ve attracted a fair portion of the 'yeh luv this wel catchy lol' brigade on Youtube and the like, but for the foreseeable future, that seems to be as far as they’re going to get. If they’re still on the scene come this summer, their management would be wise to pick their festival appearances wisely, for fear a of a Daphne & Celeste-style dressing-down.

Rating: 1.5/5