Julian Perretta – Wonder Why (Columbia)

Charlie Ashcroft | Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Julian Perretta – Wonder Why (Columbia)

Anyone who's remembered hearing a ridiculously catchy pop record featuring a kazoo in the past few weeks may well have been scratching their heads just trying to recall what the song was called, let alone bring to mind the identity of its performer. As it turns out, the track is called 'Wonder Why' and curly-haired North Londoner Julian Perretta is the guy to blame/thank for penning one of 2009's most summery ditties.

Having supported Girls Aloud on tour earlier this year, the 20-year-old's imminent path and potential fanbase seem to have been strategically mapped out by those advising him, but it must be said that this debut hit-in-waiting stands up well to closer inspection.

Its decidedly bouncy intro marries Perretta's trademark kazoo toots together with drums and piano plinks in near-perfect union, before his soulful vocals take over for the foreseeable duration. Although the story doesn't cover particularly new ground (one of those typically nostalgic tales of unrequited love), the melodies are genuinely strong, taking centre stage over the subject matter with ease.

Even though the chorus sounds relatively understated in comparison to the aforementioned piano-kazoo 'doo-doo doo-doo' combinations, the overall package still shows Perretta to have a great ear for a lasting tune.

In a year where the home-grown music scene has been dominated by the momentum and success of a whole gamut of new female artists, Julian Perretta has come up trumps in making a case for the boys, with his unashamed brand of mature, upbeat pop music, certainly capable of generating a late-season heatwave.

Rating: 4/5